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Top Ten Reasons to Get a Home Security System

You have built your home with much thought, attention and love poured into it. You and your family really love your home and feel secure in it.Shouldn’t you make arrangements to secure it even when you are not there? You know the importance of securing your home from would be burglars. A security firm can also keep you safe from other dangers like fire, carbon monoxide and other leaks, etc.

Why do you need a Home Security System?

#1 – You need to install a proper security system so that your home is safe even when you are away at work or off on holiday.

#2 – When you have installed a reliable home security system from SafeTouch in case of any intruders or even attempted entry, a silent alarm is triggered at the security company’s offices. Depending on the security package you have chosen, an alarm is simultaneously raised at your nearest police station, too. This means that the response is instant, literally in seconds. You have to install one of the burglar alarm systems Jacksonville FL has to offer to truly keep your home safe from burglars and intruders.

#3 – A good home security system also keeps you safe from other dangers like gas leaks, fires, etc. Many Jacksonville home alarms come with remote capabilities that allow you to check, set and reset your security system remotely or from your synchronized cell phone. There are millions of homes that are saved from being burned down due to the alarms raised by the security systems, because once a fire gets going, it will take only minutes for it to consume your entire house and its contents, especially if it has a wooden frame.

#4 – Even if someone is monitoring you, not necessarily to enter your home but to accost you physically or harm you in any other way, a motion sensor camera can pick it up and raise an alarm.

#5 – A tech-savvy burglar, who thinks that opening a door or a window might trigger an alarm and decides to break a window glass to gain entry, will be surprised because these systems are fitted with vibration sensors which can detect breaking glass.

#6 – When you have a reliable home security system, just a sign saying that the house is guarded by Safe Touch on your yard, with the company logo might be enough of a deterrent to most of the would be burglars.

#7- The currently available sophisticated home security systems can also be set off by motion sensors. In case you have pets in your home, these state of the art systems can be set to ignore that, so that your pet running around doesn’t set-off the alarms constantly.

#8 – You opt for the right camera according to your needs; you can get very good images from a better viewpoint with a dome camera, or you can get an Infra-red camera with good night vision and recording capacity too.

#9 – Latest innovations include wireless capability where your camera is able to transmit data wirelessly in real time. This facilitates wireless monitoring to a great extent.

#10- At SafeTouch when you sign up for one of the most comprehensive security systems Jacksonville has to offer, you get the full range of benefits like defense from burglary, intruder alarm, door-or-window-open alarm, fire alarm, gas leak alarm, etc. So get your home security system today.

For commercial buildings:

When you have a business or a commercial building to keep safe, it is as essential to secure it as it is for your home. Your business premises, documents, inventory and all other possessions might go up in smoke if left without security. Even though you might have insurance, it can only compensate for the monetary loss, and not for the actual losses. If you are a business owner, you need to invest in a one of the best commercial alarm monitoring Jacksonville has to offer.

As the owner of a business or workshop, you have to leave your business premises and go home every night. There are many Jacksonville commercial security systems that are well worth the cost as they offer you unmatchable peace of mind when you close up for the night. These commercial security systems are essential for your own peaceful sleep.

SafeTouch is an organization that is dedicated to providing security to you and your loved ones like no one else can. The company is closely associated with local law enforcement and first responders to any call. Safe Touch guarantees a response time of less than one minute whenever an alarm is raised, but in reality, their average response time is an unbelievable 11 seconds. So sign up today and rest easy.