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Upgrades That Add Value and Security To Your Home

security_ugradesEvery homeowner wants to feel safe in secure in their own home at any time of the day or night. To do this, you need to make sure that you have incorporated security measures that will not only keep you safe, but will also add value to your home’s worth. SafeTouch recommends upgrading your home with the features listed below.

Door Security

Each outside door should be strong and sturdy. Choose either solid wood or steel. If the door has see-through windows, attach a covering to them to prevent anyone from seeing in.

Check that the door frame is in good condition. One that is rotting or rickety makes it easier for someone to break the frame to enter uninvited.

Every outside door in your home should have a dead bolt with a Grade 1 security rating, which is the highest door rating available. Make sure each lock has a long throw lock, which is a metal extension that enters the door frame.

Don’t forget the hinges either. Verify that they are on the inside so that would-be intruders don’t enter simply by knocking out the hinges.

Window Security

Verify that every window with ground level access has a working lock, and remains locked when not needed. Remove any outside items, such as a steel garbage cans or a ladder, that a burglar can use to access a window that is higher up.

You can also install window and glass sensors that will sound an alarm if the glass breaks.

A simple upgrade is to add window treatments on every window to block out what is happening indoors. Who wants to take a chance on breaking in when you don’t know what is inside?


If your home has a garage, then always park your car in the garage when you are home and make sure that the door is closed and locked. Anyone trying to discern your routine will not be able to tell when you are home and when you are not.

Purchase a garage door opener so that your garage is less accessible to criminals. When at home, always close your garage door to prevent anyone from walking into your garage and taking your possessions.

Finally, if your garage is attached to your home, install the same type of lock as you do on your front and back doors to provide stronger security than indoor locks.

Indoor Light and Noise Timers

Using automatic light timers throughout your house can mimic your normal patterns even when you deviate from them. Get ones that have a battery backup in case the power shuts off. Look for timers that have multiple on-off cycles to simulate your moving from room to room.

Also available are timers that will turn on and off radios and televisions to simulate normal noise patterns.

Motion Detectors

Install outside security lighting to illuminate every outdoor entry point. Any main entrances should have one fixture with two bulbs or two fixtures in case one of the bulbs burns out.

Also, install motion detectors for your yard, driveway, patio, and other outside locations. Someone is less likely to break in when their existence is in the spotlight, so to speak.


Another easy and environmentally friendly security upgrade involves landscaping your yard. You don’t have to have a green thumb; simple changes will do. First, trim back any bushes and shrubs near your windows to prevent intruders from using them as cover during a break-in attempt. Next, cut away tree limbs that hang towards your roof or that provide access to windows. Finally, if you want to plant bushes and shrubs close to your home, select anything that can sting roses and blackberry bushes are good options.

Spare Key

For anyone who accidentally forgot their keys, it is useful to have a spare key somewhere on your property, but you need to be careful where it is located. Avoid common areas, such as under a doormat, under a flower pot, or in your mailbox: thieves will look there first. Find an unusual, harder-to-access area. Try to think like a thief. If you were going to look for a key, where would you look? Avoid those locations.

Wireless Home Security System

If you want additional, modern strategies to secure your home, a wireless home security system is a great solution. Systems range from cameras focusing on all accessible windows and doors to systems that can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood problems. You have the option of watching your home even when you are not there. A wireless home security system can also offer motion detectors and glass break sensors if someone is trying to smash a window or break the glass of an outside door.

But a wireless home security system can do more; it also offers convenience options, too. For example, you can have the ability to play music in every room or adjust the temperature even when you are away. Technological advances can make you feel both safe and comfortable.

Neighborhood Watch

A final security plan comes from those around you: your neighbors! Make sure you introduce yourself to your neighbors so that they recognize you and don’t mind watching on your home when you are at work or on vacation.

Find out if your area has a neighborhood watch. If not, ask your local police department for details about organizing one. The more people to be aware of each other, the better it is for everyone.

A Last Word

There are many simple security upgrades that can add value to your home. If you have any questions about a wireless home security system, or any security solution, contact the professionals at SafeTouch. Their friendly advice and quality service will ensure you will feel safe, secure, and comfortable.