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Warm Weather Security

Family at the beach in the summerThough it isn’t officially summer just yet, the weather is heating up! While everyone may not be traveling as much this summer as they’d originally planned, the warm weather does mean more time spent outside and kids coming and going – everyone is getting antsy to get out of the house after all these weeks of quarantine.

However, warm weather doesn’t only mean opportunities to soak up the sun. It also means an increase in burglaries and home invasions. Stay safe as the mercury heads upwards with these warm weather safety tips.

Small Measures that Have a Big Impact

If you’re looking for little ways you can harden your home against invasions, these basic measures will do the trick. They may not seem like much, but they can make a big difference.

  • Lock your doors and windows when you go out. Whether you intend to be gone all day or just for a few minutes to run to the store, button your house up with locked doors and windows. Or get a system panel with a geofence that will automatically lock windows and doors once you leave a predetermined area.
  • Lock your windows and doors at night. It can be tempting to let the cool night air in. However, this leaves your house vulnerable to thieves who’d like to take advantage of the darkness.
  • Use a dowel or track lock to secure sliding doors and windows. This prevents them from opening, and can prevent burglars from breaking in.
  • Trim back shrubberies and trees that block the view of windows. These can provide burglars with the cover they need to break in unobserved.

Larger Safety Measures for Your Home

Many people are considering bigger home upgrades. These require a small investment, but are well worth the time and expenditure!

  • Replace hollow doors with solid-core doors instead. Hollow doors can be forced or kicked in more easily than their solid counterparts. Consider metal reinforcements on lock plates as well!
  • Add additional lights outside your home. These can discourage thieves as well as anyone who might wish to lurk around in the shadows of your property. They pair well with security cameras.
  • Consider a professional security system for the ultimate in home security. Professional home security systems allow you a greater degree of awareness and control over your home and property. They can detect intrusion and contact the authorities for you, alert you to a fire or gas leak, and much more.

Feel Secure With SafeTouch Security

We have all recently rediscovered how important it is to feel safe in our own homes. SafeTouch Security can help you achieve the peace of mind at home that you’ve always wanted. Contact us today for a free quote!