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Ways to Safeguard Your Home

The faltering economy world wide, has become the “mother of all inventions,” in all aspects of our lives. Home security is no exception, there are many simple and affordable steps, that homeowners can take, to help secure their home and keep their family safe. By all means, obtain full home security with a brand named security systems and good homeowners insurance programs, if possible.

Aside from a state-of-the-art security system from SafeTouch, here are some ways to safeguard your home.

Simple security steps to secure your haven and your investment, include never leaving a key hidden outside of the home. Burglars know this trick all to well and will be the first to search artificial rocks or decorative garden items. For sliding windows and doors, a simple wooden dowel or steel bar will do the trick. Just by placing the dowel or bar on top of the door and window track will keep it securely closed.

Another cost effective device to place on windows and doors are hand held security transmitters, operated via an electric circuit. They affix to the window and door way entry points. If someone attempts to break the window or push a door open, the transmitter emits a high pitched siren. Always keep your home well lit with home improvement motion sensor lights in front of the home and the back, or mounted to highlight any blind spots.

Outdoor hedges and trees should be groomed to low heights, in order that the house can be easily viewed from the street. Steel window bars and gate security bars are inexpensive safeguards for the whole family, with the technology to open from the inside, for emergencies. Plug in electric timers are a one stop lighting fixture, that homeowners can set and forget. They are available for in home and outdoor use with modern programmable solar features.