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What Burglars Don’t Want You to Know: Secrets to Preventing Break-Ins

two burglars peaking into window

Have you ever wondered why a burglar will pick one house over another to rob? Experienced burglars have secrets that they don’t want hardworking, law-abiding citizens to know. One of those secrets is that your home may be unwittingly sending out signals that it is an easy mark. Here are some of the things that burglars look for and how you can keep your home secure from a break-in.

What Makes Your Home Attractive to Burglars?

There are certain types of areas that can put a home at a higher risk of being targeted. Some of these categories include – Homes that are in urban areas with an increased population, homes that are in areas with higher poverty rates, and homes in areas where there is a drug or addiction problem.

Your home can be a prime target if:

  • You have poor lighting around your home
  • Your yard is overgrown, or you have mail or newspapers piling up
  • You have landscaping, fences, or obscured windows or doors that make great hiding places for burglars
  • There have been other homes burglarized in your neighborhood
  • Your home has been burglarized in the past
  • You leave your entry doors, garage door, or windows unlocked

How Can You Keep Your Home Secure?

Another thing that burglars don’t want you to know is that there are simple things that you can do to help keep your home protected from a break-in.

  • Do not advertise that you own expensive items by putting their boxes at the curb. Cut boxes up and put them in your garbage can instead.
  • If you go away on vacation, put your mail and newspapers on hold. Do not advertise on Facebook that you are away with your vacation photos until you are back home.
  • Do not leave expensive items like small electronics or jewelry lying around that can easily be snatched.
  • Close your blinds to stop potential burglars from seeing whether someone is home or not or just to see what you might have to steal.
  • Have a friend or neighbor check on your home at various times of the day and mow and water your plants and lawn if you will be away for a while.
  • Put your lights on a timer to go on and off as they would if you were home to make burglars think someone is home. Or, better yet, invest in smart home technology so lights can be programmed and/or operated remotely.
  • Leave your television or a radio on while you are away because burglars will be less likely to break-in if they hear noise.

SafeTouch Can Help You Protect Your Home

One of the biggest secrets burglars don’t want you to know is that when they are looking for a potential target, 60% of them will avoid any home that has a security system. SafeTouch is the future of home security with systems that can keep your home protected from burglars. Contact us to learn how we can help keep your home and family safe.