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What Intruders Are Looking for

In the United States, the number of burglaries and home invasions has been going up extensively. For any homeowner, the statistics can be alarming, but you should be very aware of them so that you can make smart decisions and attempt to deter a break in. One thing that you can do is learn just what it is that intruders are looking for. The more you can do to deter them, the more you can keep your home and family safe.

Understand the Difference between Home Invasion and Burglary

Many people don’t realize there is a difference, but you need to be keenly aware of each type of criminal.

  • A burglar will only look for homes that are empty so that they can grab items and run without getting noticed. They usually strike during the day when you are most likely at work.
  • A home invader will wait until you are at your residence so that they can have access to money, valuable items, and credit card codes. They are most likely to strike at night, and they are the most dangerous for physical harm to homeowners.

Either type of criminal is looking for an easy way to get in your home and either rob you or cause harm. You need to know just what they are looking for in order to make changes in your household to deter them.

What They are Looking for

If you want to make your home more secure, then you need to think like a burglar or home invader. Here are some things you should keep in mind so that you can keep your home and family safe.

  • Easy Doors

Anyone interested in breaking into your home will like an easy door to get into. You need all exterior doors to be reinforced with steel and they should be made of solid materials instead of hollow. Make sure screws in the hinges are at least two to three inches long as well.

Doors should include a deadbolt, not just a standard lock, which are easy to break. Deadbolts are much better deterrents.

  • Easy Places to Hide

Because most burglars work during the daytime, they will want to find easy places to hide so that they can break in. Look around your home’s windows. Are there high hedges or dense undergrowth that could provide cover to a criminal? Make sure all windows and other points of entry are clear enough that neighbors or passersby could see if a burglar was attempting to break in.

  • Homes Without Alarms

Any home intruder will look for homes that don’t have any security. If you currently don’t have a home alarm or monitoring system, then you could be extending an open invitation to intruders.

Additionally, consider a home monitoring system with extras like CCTV security cameras and panic alarms if someone does break in.

  • Invitations

A home intruder who is interested in breaking in when you are at your residence will try to get an invitation. In other words, they or someone working with them will simply ring the doorbell. When you open the door, they will break in and your life could be at risk.

If anyone comes to the door, look through the peephole. If you don’t recognize the person, don’t open the door.

The best way to avoid a home invasion or a burglary is to think like the criminal. When you learn just what they are looking for, then you can make changes in your house for a more secure space. A home is supposed to be a safe escape, not a hazard to your wellbeing. Make sure you are doing everything you can to d