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What to Do If Your House Floods

What to Do If Your House Floods

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Flooding in your home can be caused by both internal – think plumbing – and external – think extreme weather – issues. If you live in a flood-prone area or close to lakes, rivers or coastal areas, then you are at an especially high risk when it comes to storms.

Read on for some to learn the most important steps to take to keep your home safe in the event of a flood:


Stop the flow of water

If the flooding is not due to Mother Nature, then you need to stop the flow of water. Turn off the main water valve. This stops any more water from entering your home and lets you assess the extent of the damage. Make sure you take time to identify where the water valve is located so that you can easily find it if needed.


Shut off the power

Approach this step with caution and safety as electricity and water do not mix. After a flood, get to the fuse box if you can and shut off power to all systems. If you cannot get to the fuse box safely or if its access is blocked due to water, contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.


Find a safer spot

Depending on the nature of the flooding, you will need to get to a spot that is dry or on higher ground. This could include your front yard, a higher floor, or leaving your property altogether. Be sure to include everyone in your family, even your pets! Also, consider any personal belongings or valued items to bring with you in case damage does occur.


Get help

If you are unable to leave your property, contact emergency services as quickly as you can. You may need to leave your possessions behind, but it is better to be safe during an extreme weather event. Keep emergency service numbers for your area handy and prepare an evacuation plan.


Start the recovery process

Regardless of whether the flooding was major or minor, at some point you will need to put your possessions and home back into livable shape. You may need to contact your insurance company to review the water damage and recoup payment so you can contact the services needed to clean, repair, and replace the items in your home.


Invest in a smart home monitoring system

In case of future flooding, a smart home monitoring system can help you be aware of leaks or flooding. It offers an early warning detection system so that you can jump into action at the first sign of water in your home.


Water damage isn’t just expensive to address, but is also time-consuming and requires constant effort to remedy. However, by being prepared, you can help mitigate damage. Contact SafeTouch Security to learn more about how we can help keep you and your property as safe as possible – regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.