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What to Do In Case of a Home Invasion

Home invasion can happen to anyone, but some houses are more likely targets than others. A home that is conspicuously equipped with a security system, as well as good lighting and solid locks, is one intruders will avoid. If you should discover someone is in your home, however, here is what you need to do.

Intruder with black ski mask and crow bar sneaking around in dark home

Before a Home Invasion Happens

Reacting to a home invasion begins long before your uninvited guest helps himself to your house. Just as you should have a plan for fires or other natural disasters, everyone who lives with you should know what they will do in case of a break-in. This kind of plan can save both lives and unnecessary worries.

Choose a spot down the street where everyone will meet in case of an emergency. If you have rooms without a convenient escape route, know where the best hiding spots are. Ensure no one goes to bed with a dead phone battery so they can make calls in case the worst occurs.

During a Home Invasion

If a home Invasion happens, take a deep breath then follow these steps:

  1. Stay quiet and verify the burglar’s presence. It can be terrifying to wake up to the sounds of an intruder in your home. Stay calm and quiet, and listen closely to what you hear. Ensure the sounds are not a pet moving about or wind blowing through an open window.
  2. Stay where you are. The best thing we can do in a home invasion is stay in a safe place. Keep any weapons you may have nearby, but do not confront the burglar.
  3. Call the police. Dial 911 immediately. Speak in a low, clear whisper to explain your situation. If you can’t talk because the intruder is too close, you may be able to text 911 instead. Check to see if your local dispatcher can handle texts.
  4. Alert everyone in the home. Send a text to everyone in the house. If you have children, you can attempt to creep to their rooms so you can keep them calm. Allow them to sleep if they haven’t awakened, since that will ensure they are quieter. Also secure any pets you have to prevent them from charging the intruder. You don’t want them to be hurt either.
  5. Decide if escape is necessary. For many instances of home invasion, you should remain exactly where you are. If you feel the intruder is there to harm you, or they are closing in on your position, escape may be best. Windows can offer a safe escape. If the room has none, find the best hiding place.
  6. Take notes. Should you be able to see the intruder, memorize all details you can. Take notes if you are in a position to do so. This will help law enforcement later. Trauma can affect memory in ways we do not expect, so having notes will allow greater accuracy as police deal with the home invasion.

Security Systems Discourage Home Invasion. SafeTouch Security Can Help

Burglars prefer soft, easy targets. The best way to deal with a home invasion is to proactively discourage them before they happen. SafeTouch has the knowledge and experience you need to harden your home against intruders: Contact us for a free quote today!