What’s New With the mySafeTouch App? | Safetouch Security Systems

What’s New With the mySafeTouch App?

The latest mySafeTouch app updates are here, bringing valuable enhancements to your video monitoring experience.

Update your iOS or Android app today, and you’ll find it even easier to monitor what’s happening with your smart security cameras—plus, you’ll never miss a visitor again.

Share your video clips easily


Sharing a mySafeTouch video clip is now as easy as sharing a photo. When you watch a recorded clip, you’ll see a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen, including a Share button that lets you share the clip via message, email or social media.


Whether you need to quickly forward a clip of a suspicious caller to your local police department or neighborhood watch group, or you just want to upload a clip of your toddler playing to Facebook, you’ll find it a seamless and intuitive experience.


Get a closer look with live video

iOS and Android users alike can now digitally zoom in on video feeds.


Did you hear a noise outside the house and want to see what it was? Are you at work and wondering what your kids are getting up to (or into)? Just open your outdoor camera’s video feed, then use your fingertips to zoom in anywhere on the picture for a better view.


Hear a visitor from anywhere


Have you ever missed an important live Doorbell Camera notification on your phone because the notification sound made you think it was just a text? The push notification sent when someone rings the Doorbell no longer uses your default notification sound; it now uses a special doorbell chime.


Android Shortcuts support


Android users can now take advantage of Android Shortcuts to interact with their homes more quickly. If your phone is operating with Android 7.1 and up, you’ll be able to set up a set of quick commands, activated via a long-touch on the mySafeTouch app icon.


The mySafeTouch app was designed to improve your smart home security experience. With it, you can easily monitor your home from anywhere. If you’re interested in keeping your home safe with smart technology, or if you have more questions, contact SafeTouch today.