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Why Your Home Needs a Security System

Though there are plenty of reasons to love life in the Sunshine State, life in Florida has serious drawbacks — namely crime. In Jacksonville especially, crime is an unfortunate reality of residency. Property crime is already a common problem; upwards of 1.5 million occurrences of burglary happen in the United States every year, and Jacksonville has even higher rates of property crime per capita. 

One in thirty-six people living in Jacksonville will experience property crime, be that larceny, burglary, vandalism, or even arson. In these conditions, it’s a wise idea to invest in a robust home security system. Here are some of the ways that investing in a good security system can help protect you and your home alike.

How Security Systems Help Keep Your Home Safe From Crime

One of the most important reasons you should consider installing a home security system is that they are proven to keep your family and your property safe from intruders. According to the Electronic Security Association (ESA), as many as ninety percent of burglars avoid homes that are protected by alarms or other security measures; similarly, studies by the FBI show that home invasions drop from around 30% of homes to less than 1% of homes when homeowners utilize security systems. 

While locks and deadbolts are able to deter potential intruders by making your home harder to enter, home security systems offer a greater degree of protection by deterring criminals through the threat of observation.

A home security system also gives you the ability to track your home condition while you’re away. Remote monitoring options allow you to look in no matter where you are, letting you travel comfortably in the knowledge that your home is guarded. Being able to check on your home around the clock from anywhere is made even more secure by allowing you to reach out to emergency personnel when things go wrong, letting you protect your home even when you’re not present.

Other Ways Home Security Systems Protect Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that home security systems offer other benefits outside of crime protection and prevention though, and these additional draws only make home security systems more appealing. Security systems also act as a defense against fires, another common threat to the home. Many security systems come equipped with smoke detection warning systems, and others come with heat detectors. In the event of a fire, a well-tuned security system can alert you and any inhabitants in the house of fire, allowing you to either contain the situation or else safely evacuate away from the danger. Home security systems can also protect you against any potential carbon monoxide leaks.

Released from heating systems, stoves, and other common appliances, carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and dangerous. Some security systems come equipped with carbon monoxide detectors that can alert you if high amounts of carbon monoxide are present in your home, giving you time to safely evacuate the area and seek help.

Looking to Secure Your Home?

Ultimately, the strongest case to invest in a home security system is peace of mind. A solid security setup grants you the knowledge that you, your family, and your home are all secure, no matter where in the world you are. From warding off thieves to discouraging vandals and everything in between, investing in a security system is always a wise move.

So if you’re looking to keep your home safe, we here at SafeTouch are here to help. We know how important your security and well-being are, and we’ve got the resources you need to keep your home secure. From motion detectors to cameras to home automation, SafeTouch offers a wide array of products and services to keep intruders out. So, reach out to us today, and let us know what we can do for you!