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Will Fake Security Signs Deter Burglars?

Masked burglar thief in black is going to rob house at night.

You can walk into almost any home improvement store or hardware store and pay about $10-$20 to buy a fake security sign and some window stickers. You might even be able to get a knock-off sign online with the name of a real company. Having that fake sign and the added stickers will certainly keep burglars from entering your home, right? After all, who would dare break into a home that has a generic sign saying there is a security system? Well, an experienced thief might attempt to do just that once they realize your signs are fake.

Benefits of Having Fake Security Signs

There are a couple of benefits to purchasing a fake home security sign. It will take you only a few minutes to stick your fake signs out in the yard and put the stickers on your window and doors. And maybe, just maybe you will get lucky with your fake signs. A would-be burglar might see your sign and stickers and decide to pass your house by.

The other, most obvious benefit is the cost (or lack thereof). With fake stickers and signage, you won’t have to pay the fees associated with a home security system a monitoring. Fake signs are a very small, one-time investment.

You Generally Get What You Pay For

The negatives far outweigh the positives of relying on fake security signs to secure your home and family. An experienced burglar can usually figure out whether your sign is fake. A thief with a smartphone could easily blow your cover. A burglar that is suspicious of your sign could search the company name in Google and pull up store advertisements of fake security signs. Additionally, if your home is broken into, those fake security signs are not going to be able to alert you or a monitoring center to send the police, either.

When you stop and consider Jacksonville’s rising property crime rates, are you willing to risk your family’s safety to save a little money? Investing in a SafeTouch Security System instead of fake security signs could be the best bet for your family’s safety. Call (888) 723-8682 or contact us online for your free quote today.