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Winter Home Security Tips You May Be Overlooking

Even though it is warmer here in Florida than it is in most of the country right now, it is still a cold world. While the fall and winter months may not seem to be relevant to home security, cooler evenings, earlier sunsets, and vacation travel all present potential criminals with new opportunities to gain access to your home. However, with a combination of common sense and state of the art SafeTouch technology, your home can stay well-protected in any season. Whether you plan on leaving your home for the holidays or staying in, the change in temperature and hours of daylight are significant enough that you should consider adjusting your home security measures. 


Check for Alternative Entry Points

Burglars examine your home for all the points of entry to find the easiest way to access your home — and so should you! Windows, doors, and garages all can be locations targeted by criminals. Fortunately, SafeTouch has security solutions for each of these features of your home. Our door and window sensors are industry leaders in battery life, protecting your home through the winter and beyond. In addition, SafeTouch offers glass break sensors that use pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of broken glass. These provide another layer of protection for your windows and stop break-ins as soon as something breaks! You do not need to worry if you left the garage door open, since the mySafeTouch app will remind you if you did. Even if the door is left open, closing it can be done with one tap as our app integrates seamlessly with our garage control system.


Adjust to Shorter Daylight Hours

Shorter daylight hours in the winter months give criminals additional opportunities to access your home under cover of darkness. SafeTouch smart plugs automatically turn your home’s lights on according to a customizable schedule. These are a great investment not only for energy savings, but also for illuminating your property to deter those who might wish to answer. If you already have our smart plugs, be sure to adjust the schedule to account for an earlier sunset. 

But even if you forget to change the schedule, or you just need to light up your home on the fly, the mySafeTouch app can also remotely control your home’s lighting so that your home stays well lit at any hour. You will not have to worry about being away from your home in the evening, as you can light it up remotely to deter any would-be burglars. This is especially important to do if you have our HD doorbell camera — the high resolution video and wide angle lens will not be as useful to catch porch pirates if your porch light is off.

Additionally, motion sensors become even more useful as the days get shorter. Potential criminals may think darkness provides them cover, but SafeTouch motion sensors ensure that they will not go undetected. If you have not yet tried integrating outdoor motion sensors into your home security system, now is the time to schedule a free consultation with SafeTouch. Our expert technicians install everything, answer your questions, and make sure you know how to operate your new products.


Maintain Your Home’s Outdoor Appearance

A major way to decrease your home’s risk of being burglarized is to keep up with the outdoor maintenance. Perhaps the biggest mistake a vacationing homeowner can make is to leave visual clues that they are absent.

Dark houses are easily understood as empty ones, especially as the sun is setting earlier. Our smart plugs can help with this as well; no matter where you are, it will look like someone’s home. 

In addition to the many products offered by SafeTouch, common sense goes a long way to make your home look lived in and cared for even when you are away. Make sure there are no aesthetic maintenance issues on your property before you leave; these can signal to criminals that your property is empty. If possible, schedule maintenance and landscaping before you leave; it’s always a good idea to be on the property when this happens to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you will be leaving your home for an extended period, consider asking a trusted family member or friend to house-sit, bring in the mail, etc. 

mySafeTouch App

As cool days turn into colder, longer nights, it is important to ensure your house will always feel inviting when you arrive. SafeTouch offers a wide range of products to help you feel not only safer, but also more comfortable in your home. SafeTouch’s smart thermostat is integrated with the rest of your home security system, and responds to not only your input from the app but also inputs from your home’s other devices. Not only does the mySafeTouch app keep you up to date with live video from your home, but it also allows you to control the temperature of your home remotely. You can save money every month by keeping an eye on your thermostat, and with our technology, you are always seconds away from keeping your home at the ideal temperature. In fact, you may not need to even lift a finger, as the smart thermostat lets your home act for you. 

In addition to keeping the inside of your home comfortable, the mySafeTouch app will also keep you updated on what is happening outside. Updates on real-time weather conditions in your area mean that you will be prepared for anything. The app will even inform you if there has been flooding or a water leak in your basement. Even if there’s a power outage, SafeTouch’s systems and home security professionals keep working to keep your home safe. While winter can be unpredictable, SafeTouch gives you the tools to stay ahead of everything.