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Your Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring_Cleaning_Guide_Security_FocusSpring is a great time to clean out the house so that you are ready for the long lazy days of summer. Our comprehensive safety focused spring cleaning guide can help you get your houses security in order, so that you can relax knowing your home is safe through the warmer months.

Your Security Focused Spring Cleaning Guide

The following steps have been easily broken down so that you can tackle one at a time, or knock the whole list out at once. This security focused spring cleaning list can help you keep your home safe and secure this year through the summer months.

  • Landscaping – Overgrown landscaping can become a burglar’s dream. Most burglars will see these overgrown areas as an opportunity to be able to get in and out of your home without being noticed. When you are spring cleaning around your home’s landscaping be sure to remove any dead shrubs or trees. Clear away debris and cut back overgrown areas. When you are planting new shrubs or plants be mindful of how tall and wide they will grow, making sure that all entry points are open and easily seen, deterring burglars.
  • Sheds and Garages – When it comes to your sheds and garages they can sometimes go unused until spring when you head down to the shed to pull your equipment out. Be sure that you have secure locks on all of your storage doors, or you may find your expensive equipment missing next time you go to use it. You may even want to include these storage areas in your homes overall security system, adding contact points, alarms, and cameras if necessary.
  • Lighting – As the sun sets, head outside to check your home’s lighting. Walk around the outside of your property to make sure that all lighting is working correctly. You may also want to check for dark spots, this may be due to movement in your security lighting or it may mean you need to consider having extra security lighting installed in these areas.
  • Security – Do a walk around your property, both inside and out. Check that all of your window and door frames are still in good working order and that they haven’t been weakened by the winter weather. Check any security sensors you have on each window and door to make sure the sensors are still working. You may want to change the batteries out on your sensors to make sure they continue working properly. Be sure to gently clean away any cobwebs or debris from motion detectors and security lighting. Test your security system to make sure it is working properly, you should do this often. Make a plan to have any security issues fixed quickly.
  • Smoke Detectors – The dust that gathers inside your smoke detector can affect the way your smoke detector works. Use your vacuums to clean any dust and cobwebs from the detectors. You may also want to open up the detector and vacuum the inside. Spring is a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detector, be sure to replace your current battery with the correct type of battery or your smoke detector may not work correctly. If your smoke detector is more than 10 years old, it is a good idea to change it out.
  • Window Coverings – Window coverings are important when it comes to keeping your home secure. If anyone wandering past can clearly see into your home, it may invite unwanted attention. Spring is a great time to reassess your homes window coverings. Add shears to any space where you wish to have privacy whilst still letting light in.

What to Watch for Whilst Spring Cleaning

To keep your property safe and secure, you need to be mindful of your security system and smoke detectors whilst cleaning. It is easy to accidentally drop or damage your system without even knowing you have done so.

  • When you are cleaning, be careful not to knock motion detectors. You will also want to be careful that they are not sprayed as this will stop them from doing their job.
  • If you drop your smoke detector it is a good idea to have it checked out by a professional. Dropping a detector may cause damage you can’t see until it is too late.
  • If you are painting, be mindful that paint fumes can clog your smoke detectors. You may want to take them down temporarily whilst you paint. Just remember to put them back up before packing up. If you are concerned, it may be a good idea to replace all of your smoke detectors after painting.
  • When you are rearranging furniture inside, be sure you aren’t blocking or triggering any of your homes security systems sensors. If you really want to change everything up and it interferes with the security system, call a security expert to help you reassess your system.

If you need help maintaining your security system and smoke detectors, contact us at SafeTouch at 888-723-8682. We specialize in keeping your home or business safe and secure.