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6 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Hand displaying keys in front of a new home

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and stressful moments of any new homeowner’s life. You’ve agonized over your choice of neighborhood, you’ve navigated the financing labyrinth, and you’ve bitten your nails as the minutes ticked down to your closing date. Now that you’ve crossed the home ownership finish line, all you have left to do is choose a security system for your new place.

Use the following tips as a guide for securing your new place!

Getting Started with Security for Your New Home

Securing a brand-new house can feel overwhelming. If you are eager to get started on a few basic but important tasks, these are the best places to begin.

1. Replace Old Keys

You’ve finally got the keys to your place! Now get rid of them. Not many new homes can guarantee you’re the only one with a key to those locks. Take this opportunity to change the locks and upgrade to the top models on the market. Consider smart locks, or locks that are part of a full security system for both convenience and safety. Don’t forget to add a deadbolt!

2. Don’t Forget Cameras

The first days in a new home are a great time to get a video doorbell and security cameras set up. This is doubly true if you will have a number of deliveries coming to your new place.

3. Look Out For Glass

Windows and sliding glass doors are popular targets for home intruders. Ensure yours have locks. Consider reinforcing your windows with window security film. Add glass break sensors to your home security system wish list, or better yet, take care of them now before they slip your mind.

Continuing with New Home Security

Once you’ve checked off the most important items on your list, move on to these items. They may not have the immediacy of door locks and window latches, but they will help you keep your new home secure.

4. Let There Be Light!

Outdoor lighting can help discourage nighttime intruders. Motion-sensor lights and light timers can help you both save money and tighten your security. You can also acquire solar lights for further energy savings.

5. Garage Security

Your garage is part of your house, too. Consider a smart garage door opener for your security system. Better yet, utilize a security system with home automation. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the garage door open again!

6. Check Over The Little Things 

Remember to think critically about other elements of your home. Is your wi-fi network secure? Have you trimmed your plants and locked up your sheds to eliminate convenient hiding places? Do you have a safe for your important documents and valuables?

SafeTouch Security Has Your New Home Security Covered

Securing a new home is a worthwhile endeavor, and it is worth doing right the first time. Contact SafeTouch Security today for a free quote on the best security system to meet your needs!