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Safety and the Benefits of a Security System During COVID-19

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As we stay at home to try and mitigate the effects of a COVID-19 outbreak and keep our communities safe, many people are finding themselves considering solutions for entirely new concerns: What if my home was my workplace? What if my home also became my kids’ school or daycare? Are there safe ways to receive deliveries or services when you need to maintain a safe distance?

If we have learned anything during the last several months, it has been the importance of keeping our families and homes safe. Now more than ever, people are seeking out ways to bring themselves peace of mind. One of the best ways to attain peace of mind and keep your home safe during this tumultuous and uncertain time is to invest in a home security system.

Read on to explore the ways a security system can benefit you in the age of Coronavirus.

1. Home or away, have peace of mind that your home is safe

Whether you’re adjusting to working from home, returning to the office for the first time or continuing your service as an essential frontline worker, SafeTouch Security gives you peace of mind that your home is safe. Our products allow you to monitor your home and what’s going on in it – no matter where you are. Stay connected from anywhere with our mySafeTouch App, which makes it easy to manage your home security system with everything connected in a single, intuitive interface. This all-in-one app sends you real-time emails, text messages, and push notifications for the events that matter most to you.

2. Keep an eye on your kids in our new “normal”

Although “back to school” took on a whole new meaning this year, we know that your family’s safety is still your top priority. Whether your kids are going back into the classroom or turning your dining room table into their at-home classroom, our top-of-the-line home security products let you keep an eye on them. Be aware of who is coming and going in your house with indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. Our 180° Indoor Camera lets you view large areas of your home and you can initiate a video and two-way call with the simple push of a button on top. Even if you can’t be home at the same time as your kids, you can always have peace of mind that they get home safe (and complete their homework before dinnertime). 

3. Give your elderly loved ones independence with smart security

Your aging loved ones may need a little extra help during these uncertain times. While you focus on keeping them protected from Coronavirus, we’ll help you keep them safe. Seniors who live on their own can utilize smart security systems to streamline their lives and lessen the risk of harmful accidents – giving them the independence they deserve. If you’re returning to work, you can’t be there to look over them 24/7, but cameras and voice-activated emergency commands mean your elderly loved one will receive the attention they need. Learn more about the best security options for seniors and caregivers here

4. Check in on your furry friends 

Chances are, your pets got used to having you around more often during the early days of quarantine. You and the kids may be going back to work and school now, but you still want to know that your furry friends are doing OK on their own. Check in on your pets with our smart security products. SafeTouch also offers free pet decals to display on your window in case of an emergency, so first responders will know that your furry friends live there too.

5. Contactless interaction when you need it the most

Many of us are taking advantage of home delivery services as we try to minimize the amount of times we have to go to the store and risk exposure to the virus. SafeTouch’s HD Doorbell Camera allows for safer home deliveries with zero contact necessary. Additionally, our Smart Door Lock lets you give trusted guests – like family members, babysitters, dog walkers, or other service people – their own unique code to access your home if needed. SafeTouch smart home products allow you to seamlessly encourage contactless interactions, which is more important now than ever.

6. Rely on SafeTouch through it all

SafeTouch Security owns and operates its own command center, monitoring station, back-up systems and licenses. This means if an emergency does occur, we’ll be there in a record amount of time. No other company comes close to our track record in guaranteed response time. You have enough to worry about right now, so leave the reliable local monitoring to us. 

In a chaotic world during an unprecedented time, it’s nice to have someone you can always count on. SafeTouch is available to help you 24/7. If you are considering investing in a security system to provide some peace of mind during this crazy time, contact SafeTouch Security for a free quote.