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Security Tips for Summer Break to Keep Your Kids Safe

Summertime means that school is out and kids are coming and going at all hours of the day, or may be left alone while you are at work. Unfortunately, this can leave your home susceptible to unwanted visitors as well. A good plan paired with a SafeTouch smart home security system can help guarantee your children’s safety by helping you keep track of comings and goings at the house even when you aren’t there.

Inform your kids

The first step to ensuring that kids are safe is to teach them appropriate safety precautions. Things like always making sure to lock the door behind them, making sure they have access to trusted contacts, and instructing them to never allow strangers into the house or post to social media that they are alone are great first steps to keeping kids safe during summer break (and beyond).

Keep track of who’s knocking

The Skybell Smart Doorbell lets you monitor who is at the door. You can get notified on your mobile phone when someone is at the door and even lock and unlock the door remotely. You can also give authorized users, like your kids, a babysitter, or a trusted neighbor, access to your home with their own unique user code.

Watch over every room

A smart home security with remote access can allow you to view security cameras wherever you are. You can remotely watch every room in the house, giving you an extra set of eyes to check up on children. You can also view recorded video clips, guaranteeing that nothing unsavory is happening on your watch.

Your SafeTouch smart home security system will sync with the #mySafeTouch mobile app, which will work in perfect harmony with your smart home security accessories like your Smart Doorbell/Camera, SafeTouch Smart Thermostat, Smart Lock, and Smart Camera. This will allow you to not only see what is happening at home, but also give you unfettered remote access to things like controlling your security panel, unlocking the door should you need to let a dog walker or other service provider in when no one is home, or changing the temperature setting to prepare for someone coming home.

What makes the mySafeTouch app so amazing for summer break is that you are able to see in real time when events of interest occur. For example, you can opt to receive text messages when the system realizes that you have left for the day but forgotten to arm your system, when your children arrive at home or leave, when a window or door is left open, or even when certain “out-of-bounds” areas are being opened like your gun safe, liquor cabinet or medicine cabinet. You’ll know when your system is disarmed and who disarmed it, and you can even get notified of things like water leaks or fires.

The SafeTouch smart home security system coupled with the mySafeTouch app is a state-of-the-art, all-in-one control and monitoring system. Summer break (as well as the entirety of the year) will be much safer with the latest smart home technology from SafeTouch Security defending your home and your family.