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Top 5 Ways to Use Your SafeTouch Smart Thermostat

smart home security - smart thermostatMany homeowners don’t know the value of adding a Smart Thermostat to their home’s heating and cooling system. Modern thermostats are capable of so much more than previous programmable models and make manual thermostats look archaic in comparison. Consider these top five ways you could be using your SafeTouch Smart Thermostat when combined with your SafeTouch security system.

#1. Go Beyond Programmable Capabilities to Save Money

Sure, you can just manually adjust your thermostat to heat or cool your home to any temperature at a specific time to try and reduce your home’s energy costs. But the SafeTouch Smart Thermostat’s technology goes beyond this capability by using real-time information around your home to find more opportunities to save energy. The SafeTouch Smart Thermostat is connected to your security system and motion detectors, it knows when you’re not home and knows to adjust itself if a window or door is left open. When Geo-Services is used, the thermostat knows the temperature outdoors and adjusts itself automatically to make your home more comfortable.

#2. Customize the Comfort in Almost Every Room

Unlike some smart thermostats that use only one temperature sensor, you can take advantage of the Smart Thermostat’s multiple wireless temperature sensors to fine tune the comfort of almost every room in your home. You can create schedules that fit the daily use of the rooms in your home. For example, keeping your bedrooms cooler at night, but warmer during the day when they are not in use.

#3. Control the Temperature in Your Home from Connected Devices

You can control the temperature in your home using SafeTouch’s app from your smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device. But did you know that you can also connect an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to control the temperature in your home? You can simply ask the device to have the thermostat adjust to the temperature you want.

#4. Your Home’s from Sudden Temperature Changes

If you travel for work or pleasure often, the SafeTouch Smart Thermostat can give you added peace of mind on top of knowing your home is being kept secure with your security system. You can set your Smart Thermostat to alert you when temperatures suddenly rise or drop in your home. This can allow you to make adjustments if needed even when you are far away from home.

#5. Get Prepared for Smart Grid Technology

As JEA moves toward their anticipated full-scale implementation of SmartSavings, you can be ready to take advantage of this demand response program with your SafeTouch Smart Thermostat. Most utility companies have recognized this thermostat for use with their demand response programs where customers receive discounts when they use less electricity during peak hours. This program helps reduce the load on the power grid and rewards customers with lower rates and rebates. In the Jacksonville area, peak periods are 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer and 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. during the winter.

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