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Prevent mischief this Halloween with a business security system.Halloween is a fun time to look forward to every year. While consumers may enjoy the festivities centered around the holiday, with the costumes and tasty treats and celebrations, business owners might look forward to jazzing up their property with new decorations and improving their business through holiday marketing. Halloween truly has something for everyone. Read more »

Business PlanBusiness owners need vision. You have to be able to look into the future, see where you want yourself and your company to be and then take the necessary course of action to get there. You can’t just look on the bright side and be blind to the potential hazards along the way that can completely derail the momentum of your progress and possibly prevent you from reaching your goals.

Understanding the mindset and motivation of who might seek to damage your company’s property or rob you is important as you organize your security checklist. Different types of threats require different security measures. For example, you should have protocol that is followed anytime an employee is dismissed by your company. This will include canceling their pass codes and notifying other employees that this person is no longer with the company.  Read more »

business securityAvoiding false alarms is a good idea for business owners and managers. By following some simple guidelines, it is possible for business owners and employees to reduce the number of false alarms generated at their facilities. Read more »

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Annual Alarm Checklist

Just like you give your employees an annual review or evaluation, your security system needs one, too. As a business owner, you must remain vigilant in making sure your alarm system is up to date and still functional for the company’s needs. Take the time to conduct an annual checklist to double-check your alarm’s performance.  Read more »

Security Tips for BusinessesEvery business, large or small, no matter what your net worth is or how much money you make a year, should take security measures into consideration. While most of the time larger businesses do take security measures, small businesses don’t think they need to because they deem it unnecessary or the building too small for security systems. However, it’s important for all businesses to do this. In order to keep your business as secure as possible, you want to take note on a few specific objectives. Read more »