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Using the IQ2 Panel is simple.With the upcoming winter break and imminent holiday travels, it’s a good time for everyone who owns or even rents a home to consider what their ideal security system might look like. Gone are the days of ugly number pads and dashing from the door to the clunky panel for a frantic disarm before the alarm sounds. Today, you have a much more sleek and sophisticated option for maintaining a secure home. Read more »

break-inThe 2017 preliminary Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics report from the FBI showed an overall decrease in property crime rates throughout the United States. This continues the trend from the previous year’s report. However, this report shows that the Jacksonville area continues to experience significant increases in property crimes, which includes burglary. Now, more than ever before, the need to keep your home and family safe from break-ins is something you should be concerned about.

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Is your alarm code the weak link in your security system?A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to security systems, you could have the Fort Knox of systems, but be vulnerable because of a weak link. And what might that weak link be? More often than not, alarm codes are the weak link. Here are some reasons why your alarm codes could be making your home or business more vulnerable to a break-ins and what to do about it. Read more »

Keep your home safe while you travel for the holidays‘Tis the season for airports, bus terminals, and road trips! Holiday travel time is upon us, with many people headed home to visit with friends and loved ones who live far away. Homes along residential streets stand empty as their inhabitants make their pilgrimages to their holiday plans. Read more »

Burglar breaking into a house window with a crowbar

Even if you have taken all of the appropriate measures to secure your home from burglars, like installing motion-sensor lights, locking your doors at night, and keeping windows locked, educating yourself on how these criminals operate is very important. Burglars have been at their craft for a long time and have come up with many different ways to gain access to your home and to your valuables. Here’s a list of common entry points to your home and how to secure them.  Read more »

home security system JacksonvilleKeeping your Jacksonville home safe is crucial because it secures what really matters—you and your family. Deterring burglars or any unwanted people from entering your home should be a priority for any safe, proactive homeowner.

The allure of saving a few bucks and personally installing a home security system is strong. Many attempt this every year, but there are dangers to taking a do-it-yourself approach to something so crucial as your Jacksonville home security system. SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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alarm monitoring JacksonvilleIf you have an alarm system installed in your home or business, you should also have a monitoring service. There are two basic types of monitoring: professional monitoring and self-monitoring. While it may appear cost-effective and convenient to monitor your alarm system yourself, hiring a professional monitoring service is the safest way to go. With active alarm monitoring, Jacksonville companies and families can feel safer.

SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Techie on Your ListIt’s that time of year again and before you know it the holidays are here! If you have a tech geek in your life, you’ll need to find them just the right tech gift this holiday.

1. A brother or sister: Tech geeks love nothing more than to open a gift on Christmas and find something between the wrapping paper that is an electronic device. Read more »

If you are looking into getting a Jacksonville security system, it’s likely that you have thought about or had a burglar breaking into your home. This is a terrifying and disturbing event that makes you feel violated and causes you to look around every corner with fear.

However, you can minimize your chances of being burglarized by making sure that the most common items that burglars steal aren’t out in the open, or in the home at all. Here are the most common things that burglars take from a home.  Read more »

Home Alone? How to Stay Safe.Staying safe is a very important task that your life depends on. Without proper safety measures, you may risk being harmed in more than one way. Though many people feel like they are safe when they are home alone, this isn’t always true. Even in smaller, more acceptable and family-friendly cities, crime is beginning to trickle in. It’s a fact of life that crime is everywhere you go, and it may strike when you least expect it.

If you live alone or are often alone in your home for long periods of time, getting a home security system is your best option. A home security system will help keep you safe and give you peace of mind, helping many people sleep better at night. Read more »