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Cyber Security_HackerYour wireless router makes it easy for you to connect to the internet whether you’re in your office or you’re curled up in bed trying to stream your favorite TV show on a tablet. That same router also ensure that your smartphone gets Wi-Fi access as you move around the house. Read more »

Taking a spring break vacation is always exciting, just don't forget about keeping your home safe while you're away.Spring Break is right around the corner! This is the perfect opportunity to take a quick trip with your family to have exciting adventures in places around the world, or just around the corner in Jacksonville’s beautiful local area. You can give your children memories that will last a lifetime in just a quick, action-packed trip. Read more »

Pets are family, and, as pet owners, we know you want them to be safe.Anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows how much love and warmth they can bring into a household. We adore our pets, and treat them like part of the familythat’s why SafeTouch dedicates March to pet safety each year. We know how much pets mean to you, so we want to make sure you’re equipped with all the necessary tips to keep them safe. Here are some safety concerns to be aware of as we gear up for spring and summer: Read more »

Traveling abroad is an adventure, but, just as with all great adventures, it can come with risks.Having the ability to travel abroad gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures that you might not otherwise have exposure to here in the United States. To make the most of your trip and ensure your safety, here are some things you should do before and while traveling abroad. Read more »

While children are prone to accidents, there are a few things you can do to keep them safe in unfamiliar environments.Americans are a people on the move. More and more people are moving to find new employment or to advance at their current job, while others choose new houses to suit their recent ability to work from home. This means an increased number of children are learning how to adjust to a new environment. Read more »

Family enjoys Thanksgiving safelyFor many in the US, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. Loved ones gathered around the table, counting blessings, mouths watering in anticipation of roast turkey and all the trimmings, pumpkin pie, grandma’s special recipes and all of the traditions that warm the heart. Whether you’re spending the day with your nearest and dearest or enjoying time with friends, practicing safety in all regards will ensure that you enjoy the holiday to its fullest. Read more »

So many people rely on you. Stay safe, even when you're always on the goWhen you’re a person who is always on the go, you have to constantly prioritize tasks, and sometimes things that are important get sent to the bottom of the priority list. Hectic days spent hurrying the kids to practice, rushing to the office, making doctors’ appointments, running to the gym, picking up dry cleaning, and grabbing dinner can leave you forgetful of something that is very important: personal safety. Being aware and taking precautions is always a good idea, even if you feel comfortable that you don’t need to worry about safety because of your routine and your home’s location. Read more »

New Urban Apartment HouseIs it safer to live in an apartment or a house? The answer depends on the neighborhood. If you plan on moving to a new apartment or house it’s best to research the crime statistics for the neighborhood, which can be found on the FBI’s website. The next thing to question is how safe the security system is. The following tips will help you determine how safe your house or apartment is and whether or not you need to improve your security system.

Why Burglars Like Apartments

The main reason burglars stakeout apartments is because of the frequent amount of people coming and going, which

lowers suspicion of strangers. It’s easy to blend in since tenants are used to seeing new guests all the time. A stranger who hangs out near a  house, on the other hand, stands out. Another reason burglars like apartment complexes is that individual tenants typically do not invest in security systems because they figure the gate system shuts out unwanted trespassers.

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